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Thread: The ray effect in new batman trailer

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    Default The ray effect in new batman trailer

    This is a cool effect:
    Apple - Trailers - The Dark Knight - HD

    Is it possible to create this effect of shimmering blue rays in vegas?
    If so, how? I have tried with the built in effects like lightrays and so on, but cant get it to work as in the trailer.

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    I think you'd be struggling to do that in Vegas. Those aren't just light rays, there are particles in there as well (lots of them). You'll need a compositing/fx package that includes a particle generator. Can't comment further as I don't have one

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    Well, there is a very good reason. The "Light Rays" Fx aren't as spectral or dynamic as the Batman thing.

    If you look real close there is what appears to be waves and smoke and very flimsy and ilamentous material within EACH ray. My guess is you could possibly get close by use the Generated Media "Noise Texture". To which you would need to add some movement progression; a tad of Gaussian Blur; mix it up with some Chroma Keying top another track ( oh BTW this is just for ONE ray - yeah? ) ; construct a 3-D trackway for this ONE ray; duplicate several and then 3-D them to a vanishing point; set the whole thing in motion and then maybe alter the luminance of each one in turn; create a mask ( here it would be the BAT mask ); chroma key out that and slot back in a shape that echoed the mask; you could also try doing a Parent<>Child Burn or Dodge to bring in MORE spectral results . .and so on.

    Good luck!


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    hmm, guess this will take some time to accomplish...

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