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Thread: Please Please Help!!!!

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    Smile Please Please Help!!!!

    I like some advice from the people who have considerable experience in creating short (2 mins - 3 mins) videos.

    I currently do not own a camcorder or any video editing cards on my PC. Neither do I have any video editing software. I also have never done such a task in my life.

    What I do have is the will to transform my imagination into reality.

    I like to create a short video of my convertible car. Ideally the video will be of the car in motion along winding roads with spectacular settings. These include the blue sky with clouds, trees on the sides of the road, etc. I like to be able to attach the camera to various parts of the car while driving. I also like to have the camera fixed at the side of the road while passing it with the car. SOme shots of the car from directly above looking vertically down at the car.

    In addition I like to incorporate still images of the car into the video with perhaps fading effect from one part of the video to another. Further I like these transistions to be synchronised with the chosen music tracks beats, etc.

    I can just visualise it in my head but I need advice on how to give birth to this idea.

    I like to know what equipment I need for what I have described above. Also what software will be needed for the editing stage. The quality of the video must be excellent so I need good equipment and software but my budget is limited. What equipment will I need to attach the camera to the car while driving? etc....How can I avoid vibration...

    Once I have the equipment how can I quickly pickup the skills required for video editing. Are there guides I can follow to pickup these skills.

    Many Thanks

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    Default It's easy

    First a video camcorder your choice. Then I have been using Corel Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5.6 it came with my new Canon HG10 but I am sure you can get a copy from Corel.

    It's not a real powerful program but it will give your good results quickly without over powering you with details.

    Harry Palmer made a great Making A Movie - A Tutorial found at Message Board - Making A Movie - A Tutorial

    If you follow his tutorial you will find it's very simple to be making and editing a movie.


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