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    hi dont no if posted i the right place,
    if i havent i am sorry.
    just a small prob ,i had a old video vhs copied on to dvd at my local high street,
    job done great ,plays on my dvd player great ,but when i try to play it on pc .
    doent even reconize there is anything on the disc.just say disc is blank .
    thought the high street shop must do somthing so you cant play on pc .
    is there any way round this problem.would like to play on my pc.
    cheers to all scooterhax

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    You could ask the shop where you had it done, if they Finalised the disc? For a computer dvd drive to 'see' the files on a dvd disc, the disc needs to have a process applied to it called Finalise. This has come up on the forum before and it sounds the same. Do you have dvd playback software on your computer?

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    yes got full dvd play back on pc ,just when put in pc it says thinks it a blank disc,
    even when you explore disc ,nothing there.
    just thought the shop does somthing to the dvd so you cant copy it or watch on pc.

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    DVDshrink might be able to read and copy it .. or maybe the disk isnt finalized ? Isobuster will still read the DVD even if windows cant, from there you can copy the dvd (assuming you can see ALL the files needed for video and sound) .. Copy to a dir and from that try and play using Media Player .. if that fails takr it back and slap em

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