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Thread: My amd computer is blocked by avs video editor

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    Default My amd computer is blocked by avs video editor


    I bought a second hand mini dv cassette Sony video camera, unfortunately i didn't know that i will also need additional software for it. Anyway, I could manage the situation but only up to a point.
    The trouble appears because the movie it generates is very big and cannot be handled or saved on DVD easily. I was advised to convert to mpg format and, after researches, I have downloaded and installed AVS video editor. Apparently, it seems to be able to do the job but my computer freezes completely when trying to convert the video with this AVS video editor. I mean that every time at a different time, mouse, keyboard and everything else block, I can't even restart or close it, the only solution is to un-plug it from the power source and then to plug in again.
    I also have norton antivirus software installed on computer but it shows no virus or other threat.
    I don't have another computer or laptop to test it and i'm not very experienced in computers or video conversion so it could be my lack of expericence's fault.
    Please help me to get rid of this problem that appears on my computer during video conversion (any settings I should make to the converter programme or other software compatible both with my computer (AMD) and sony camera to succeed to save the movie on a dvd).

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    I haven't used AVS editor so I can't really comment on how it works. Files captured from a Mini DV camcorder are always large as they are of such high quality, you need a computer with a large hard disk to store all the files (maybe you need to install a new, larger hard disk on your computer or you need to start deleting/moving old files, applications, utilites etc from this disk to free up more space).

    Switch off your anti virus software while doing your video capture, I presume you are using a Firewire cable connected to a Firewire socket on the computer to do your capturing? As far as putting it on a DVD, that happens at the end of the video making process. You capture a large file, edit it and then burn it onto a DVD at the end, anything up to an hour will give good quality video. After that you have to start applying more compression (squeezing a large file into a smaller space) and the quality starts to go down the pan.

    Don't convert to mpeg as it will be impossible to edit it, stick with the native format from the Mini DV camcorder (DV AVI II) and you won't have any problems. Also defragment your hard disk if you haven't done this for a while and what is the spec of your computer? Instead of doing a cold restart (pulling the plug out of the wall socket) hold down CTRL+ALT+DELETE all at the same time and see if that unfreezes your computer.

    So to sum up, stop using AVS, use Windows Movie Maker or purchase Adobe Premiere Elements to do your editing on.

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