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Thread: Sony Z1 and Final Cut workflow - HELP!!!

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    Question Sony Z1 and Final Cut workflow - HELP!!!

    Hi there,

    I have a pal sony Z1 and Final Cut Studio - FCP version - 5.1.4.

    Now! here is the problem. I think something is going wrong. I have tried all of the tutorials people have suggested in the past such as Bonsaiís HDV to DVD page, and ken stones final cut pro workflow - but the results are still awful! I have used FCP for a while now and never really had problems with other cameras on other computers etc, but not really used HDV much, and marrying the Z1 to FCP seems to be a bit tricky!

    So, here goes, this is my workflow for a DVD...

    1. I film using a Sony HDV tape in HDV1080i record format.
    2. I plug the Z1 into the Mac Pro I am using, via a firewire 400 cable.
    3. I create a new project in FCP with the following settings:
    Sequence preset - HDV 1080i50
    Capture preset - HDV
    Device control preset - Sony HDV 1080i50 firewire.
    4. I log the clips and capture them onto the second hard drive, where the project is saved.
    5. once edited i go to file > export > quicktime movie and save it to my project folder.
    6. Then I open compressor
    7. I drag the project into compressor
    8. as this film is only 10 mins long I select the best DVD 90 mins preset and select all.
    9. It has preselected 16:9 and 2 pass and clicking onto the MPEG file in the batch window I set the bit rate to say 6.2 average and 7.8 max
    10. I have tried changing the 'field dominance' setting to progressive or bottom first or automatic and it does not seem to make a difference, what should this be on?
    11. I then hit submit and batch monitor comes up and does its stuff.
    12. Then after about an hour it has finished.
    13. I open DVD studio Pro and go to import asset and select my .m2v file and .ac3 file and add them as a button and track, and set the menu to 16:9.
    14. I then click burn and its done!

    But... when i watch it on a TV or on the pc monitor it has really really bad horizontal lines whenever anybody or anything moves (even slowly). So... I go back into compressor and step 10 and select 'de-interlace' option and try this... Then do the rest, and the horisontal lines are now gone... but the picture is still really jagged around the edges of things as if it is really pixelated. So I cant seem to get a clear crisp version of my footage for DVD, its all slightly blurry, and pixelated at the edges.

    This also is a problem when I export from FCP using quicktime conversion if I want to export for the web. I click on export quicktime conversion, and select broadband medium and it has these horizontal lines again, i select de-interlace source in the 'quicktime conversion' window and these go away again, but the footage is blurry!

    I have posted on here before asking for help, and some of the response I got was useful, but most of the response seemed to be people having a dig at me for using a Z1 and Mac pro and not knowing how to use it... I am not just diving in and asking for help, I have really tried everything I can to work this problem out, and maybe im missing something really small but I have used every tutorial anyone has ever recommended, but with the same results as I stated above, like i mentioned before I am a newbie to HDV and also kind of to FCP as I used to use Premiere Pro and Avid on PC, but I have used FCP . If you have a Z1 then please shed some light on what I am missing out in the process, or if I am doing what you do, as maybe I have a problem with something.

    Thank you for your time.

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    In Final Cut Pro Project Settings set the "field dominance" to "Lower (even)"

    ... this may sort the problem out
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