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Thread: Slow to access files on lan drive

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    Default Slow to access files on lan drive

    I am new both to the forum and digital video so be gentle with me please.

    I am trying to compile some holiday footage and premier seems to to take ages to do anything but worst of all is importing video clips from anywhere. when I click 'Get media' it takes an age before i can select a source and then when i can select one, usually my netwok storage drive, it takes even longer to list he available files. \then when I select something it takes ages again to actually link to he file andconorm it.

    I am using an Acer 3610 and the network torage is a buffalo link station connected directly to the laptop. the driv on the laptop is 80Gig and is abot 50% full.

    Anybody got any ideas as to how to speed things up

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    The video files should be on the local computer, preferably on a dedicated seperate physical hdd (not second partition and definitely not external USB2)

    Though they are getting more powerful, editing on a laptop will always be a slower process than a desktop.
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