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    I'm confused with using WMV9 encoder. I'm trying to encode a VOB file, but everytime the 2nd pass starts, I see my fps being in the range of 2-5 fps. Is there something I can do with parameters? I tried increasing the max fps setting, but that didn't really help much. Please help.

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    Are you sure that this isn't just the processing rate, i.e it is encoding 5fps. On playback, the video will run at 25fps (or whatever you chose). What is your CPU speeed?

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    Well, on playback, the video is really choppy, so I guess its the low fps in all situations. As far as my processor its an AMD Athlon 64 3000. Maybe I just need more memory. I have 256 right now, guess I'll have to break down and buy some more?

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    You really need to keep the frame rate exactly the same as the source. Why are you encoding from VOB to WMV9?

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    I've been using the divx format for a while, and kept seeing files encoded by wmv 9 or lower, and saw the quality-->size aspect and liked it. It seems to do a better job with high motion. The audio isn't bad either, compared to mp3. I want to be able to go directly from VOB to wmv without having to do anything in between if possible. I'm kind of a quality freak.

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