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Thread: Water under my lens!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Water under my lens!!!!!!!

    hi, im new to the forum but, i got a problem.
    i brought my camcorder with me camping. and it rained and my bag got moisture in it. and i got water under my lens. has this happened to anybody and if so what are some methods of getting it out.

    o yeah i have a panasonic pvgs39

    thanks for any help!!

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    Your lens was not sealed very well it won't be easy to get the moisture out it's now in a little micro terrarium. Where a small amount of water will be able to stay a long long time. I would quickly getting that camera to a repair station before the moisture causes some real damage. Heating it won't make it leave it will just change into a gas when heated then condense back to a liquid when it cools.

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