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Thread: Positioning Video Qustion !

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    Question Positioning Video Qustion !

    Greetings !

    I am new with Sony Vegas so I would like to ask a question, simple enough for everybody here, I guess.

    How to position a video over video ?
    1. I have video A and video B. B is much smaller than A (it is an animated bar).
    2. When I add B (the animated bar) over A it goes in the center, but I want it on the bottom. How to position B at the bottom of A ?
    3. I can not do it with the "Event Pan/Crop". It crops,pans and moves a frame window over B, but B itself remains in the center.

    Is there any way this moving and positioning to be done in Vdub ? Guess not, because vdub can not put 2 videos over each other.

    Thanks in advance for the help !
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    I saw it... Track motion. Sorry for the threat.

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