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Thread: Camera undetecting itself

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    Default Camera undetecting itself

    hi, i have a sony mini dv camcorder. i just got a firewire card to capture files on my pc. i have tried a few different programmes to capture with and it starts ok but seems to disconnect itself at random times as windows suddenly tells me ive connected a new device and the capturing stops. this isnt at any particular time and is quite random. as i say i have tried different software and windows tells me all my drivers are up to date. i meet the system requirements so i dont have a clue what is going on at all.

    hopefully thats enough detail for you to know what i mean and i'd be very grateful of your help, thanks alot.


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    Just out of curiosity what is the spec of your computer, when did you last defragment your hard disk? and are you running any other software such as a screensaver, scheduled tasks or anti virus when doing the capture? If you are, then disable it/them until after the capture and see if that does anything.

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    its a home build computer and the spep is... high, cant be botherd to type it all out right now. i also closed down all applications, internet connection and things in task manager such as itunes setup or whatever junk they keep running in the background. this is why it baffled me so much. i found a forum on the internet somewhere else where somebody had this exact problem but no use.

    eventually i found something telling me that many (at least the cheap ones) firewire cards must have only one item plugged into them at when capturing, this being the camera.

    so i did that and it works. im posting this incase anyone else finds this problem and thanks for your help. it seems that the fastest pc wont work if the firewire card is being slowed down by other firewire cables and USB's even if the other stuff isnt in use. so... there you go, unplug them all! good luck and thanks again for the help.


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    I had pretty much the same issue a few months ago I just got a new firewire cable and it seemed to sort the issue out!
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