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Thread: Vegas 6.0 Render Problem

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    Default Vegas 6.0 Render Problem

    I'll get straight to it:

    I am trying to follow instructions I've seen posted elsewhere on this site to customize the render options but for some reason when I choose

    Render As

    The Custom button is not clickable. Any other filetype gives me the ability to choose Custom. I've tried choosing different 'templates' under MPEG-2 but that doesn't work either.

    I'm trying to burn a 1 hour DVD and it's showing that it will take up 4+ GB which I'm betting could be knocked down in size if I could customize it. I'd also like to use the AC3 format as I've learned from this forum that it works better.

    I can customize the MPEG-1 settings, but I have to assume that's different than MPEG-2

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Do I need to upgrade to 7+ ?

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    No, it is/should be there to adjust, I did it on mine

    Cannot remember if you have to register MPEG or was it the MP3

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    I definitely have not registered MPEG... anyone have any tips on how to make that happen? Is it something I do inside of Sony Movie Studio or something I download separately?

    Thank you.

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    My first mistake I always assume people are using the Pro version of Vegas,
    When you said Vegas 6 I thought you Meant Vegas 6

    The Movie STudio is a cut down and so may not have that feature.

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