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Thread: dell 1505 problems with Premiere Pro....

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    Default dell 1505 problems with Premiere Pro....

    ok update: i have a dell 1505, and adobe premiere pro cs3. i need help capturing. i cannot seem to get the sony dsr-40 dvcam tape deck (top $$ stuff here) to be recognized via the firewire port on my laptop and yes, i've checked device manager and have updated my drivers.

    any help is greatly appreciated...
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    Which operating system are you running - Windows Vista?
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    xp pro....

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    I know this sounds a bit odd, but try a new firewire cable. I bought a cheap one from frys that didn't work. The 4 pin side was to small to fit all the way into my camera. Only one of three cables I tried worked.

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    Default Have the same problem

    I have the same issue, can someone help..?????

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