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Thread: Steady shot and lighting accessories

  1. Default Steady shot and lighting accessories

    Can anyone recommend the best shoulder brace or alternative to give steady shots when not using a tripod for such situations as following a pedestrian or wandering the dance floor?
    Also suggestions for a good camera mounted light.
    UK availability required.
    I am using Sony HDR-FX1E.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    I just got myself one of those little Sony lights that works off my Sony can either use it on a 10 watt or a 20 watt setting...its halogen and VERY bright....not up to the broadcast TV standardslol....but bright enough for anything we've used it for....they appear on Ebay now and again...but you can buy them from Amazon or other online retailers....but here's the deal....go direct to'll get it cheaper...AND quicker than anyone else....

    If you haven't got spare Sony NP batteries... it will work out expensive if you have to buy some....but again the NP970 can be got fairly cheap on Ebay.

    Sony Link Sony : HVL-20DW2 (HVL20DW2) : United Kingdom

    sorry about sells direct for 69 add on less than a fiver for postage.

    Keeping your camera thats a different far as we've discovered...theres a few people on Ebay selling fact theres a demo of one on youtube....they're not the most expensive things to buy....but they look a bit awkward to set up and balance...especially if you are in a rush. From memory the same Indian company also sell shoulder brace/mounts for your camera...that might relieve a bit of the strain for you.

    If your shakes or movement isnt too bad...Adobe Encore CS3 has a "stabiliser/tracking preset that can be used to smooth out footage....we use a software solution called "Steadymove pro"....but its only a get out of jail card for those moments...when that 1 bit of footage is all we've it has to be used.....

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    Thanks for that info. I did actually send for the light you mention from Amazon not realising that it was not compatible with my camera batteries. So I would have had to purchase a battery and a charger - way more expensive than the light itself. So I returned it to Amazon.
    I'll have a look at the Indian site on Ebay.


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    Have a look at the Hyperlight from Photon Beard. It's not cheap but it does a nice, soft dimmable light, which is a lot better for wedding parties than a 69 cheapo blinder.

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