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    Default Panasonic Vdr-d100

    i have bought a panasonic vdr-d100 and it is driving me insane.
    the man at the shop said it was simple to transfer the footage i had recorded to the dvd and put it on my laptop or record to dvd to play in a normal player. he lied!
    does anyone else have one of these or similar model who could help me with putting ot on my laptop and rcording to dvd.
    i am a total novice with these things and its taken me ages to finaly pluck up the courage to post as i am terrible at reading and need to be guided step by step in the simpelest of terms!
    i hope somebody has the time and patience to help me if so i will be forever grateful .
    i can chat on MSN or AIM
    "help me digital director members , your my only hope!"

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    im desperate or this thing is going back (if they will take it)

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    Smile Here you go

    Dont be too upset they got me too..
    However I did find a way to convert the files and save them.
    Each video file is saved as a vob when finalized (PS the dvd has to be finalized).
    The I got Video Converter from : AVS4YOU Best software for you on today's market. Subscribe and download now for free!
    as well as video remaker and with these two items I am on board..
    At least until I can afford the $1500 Sony HD Camcaroder.. HAHAHA

    Have fun..

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    you have to pay for the software though?

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    Yes you do, however it is a one time fee for ALL of their software.
    This is the only way I have found to do it, and it work properly. There are "freebies" out there however, what I have seen is that the cliche works with softwares - "You get what you pay for"....
    I guess this phrase will also work for the camcorder you and I purchased..

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