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    I'm currently running studio 9 with the latest update. Having just purchased a plextor dvd writer (multi format) I've tried to render my projects for transfer to a dvd, however I keep getting a message saying an error has occurred. VCD renders no problem but anything with MPEG2 is causing this error. I've tried rendering both avi and mpg files - neither seem to work. My system is running an Athlon XP2500, 512 ddr ram and plenty of harddrive space. Any ideas anyone???

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    Are you rendering to disk first, or trying to go straight to DVD?

    Try rendering to disk and use a DVD program like Power DVD to check if the files on your hard drive work as a DVD should.

    Have you ever managed to get an MPEG output? If so what has changed (other than the new drive)? Have you tried a feature for the first time?
    If yes to either of these, try again without the changes.

    If you have had the problem only since the update, re-install to the previous level.

    I have Studio 8 with an XP2100, Radeon 9000 series VGA and 512MB RAM and Studio (now) works fine.

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    Default Render problem in Studio 9

    Thanks for the reply....I am trying to render and save the image to hard disc, but when I started to have problems I tried direct to dvd - no luck the error message appeared. Before buying the dvd writer I could render projects no problem prior to making vcd in mpeg 1 format. Needless to say I'd never tried to render for dvd as I didn't have a writer for that media. I've tried Studio 9 with the version out of the box (9.04) and then with the 9.08 and 9.1 updates. Neither version seems to do the trick. I've looked on other review websites and this software is slated by many for the same type of problem, although no-one seems to have a solution for it, other than saying install the standard package but regdelte before hand???? Whatever that means. I really like the editing software if only I could get around this glitch.
    I've checked the pinnacle website and my dvd writer is supported.

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    When I had problems with Studio 8 I downloaded Ulead Video Studio 7 and really didn't like it.

    However, VS 8 looks like it's now more like Pinnacle from the screenshots and reviews I've read (and does 'proper' chapters now). Download it and give it a go.

    While PS8 is working for me now (ike you I like the layout and simplicity) if I get issues after my upgrade I'll just trash it and go elsewhere. Also, give theWin MovieMaker a go with your captured footage - you can use Nero or similar to burn the output then.

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    Default Trying to reach the Pinnacle

    Can someone please help me with a problem ...
    I had Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 on my PC (windows XP professional, with SP3) with the extra features (unlock code) purchased.
    My PC recently crashed (blue screen) but I recovered the data and re-loaded the Studio plus program from the disc.
    I noticed that although the program was returned as it was before crashing (including the items released by purchasing the activation key) it wouldn't open my most recent projects that were created after I initially purchased the activation key. The earlier (completed) projects, done without the extra features being activated would open fine.
    The error message just reads "Studio plus cannot open file" with no reason given.
    I then downloaded the trial version of Pinncle Studio 14 Ultimate edition to see if it could open the projects and it does but without the ability to edit the sound! It won't even allow you to mute the video soundtrack or the added music soundtrack line as you work on the project. It recognises where I have altered the sound levels on my recovered project (and faded in or out etc on the timeline view) but ignores the fades or variations on audio playback and mixes added music with the orginal video audio. It did this on my laptop, so it's not a PC glitch.And the same thing happends with Studio 12 - I downloaded a trial of that but same result..
    Does the Studio 14 trial version block access to the sound editing until you buy it? I am afraid that if I buy the full version I may see the same problem.
    I have looked around all the forums and threads but no one seems to have had the same perblem.
    Any assistance would be greatly apprecaited as I spent hours on these projects!Thanks,
    Edward G

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