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Thread: My sony dcr-dvd108 video uploading

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    Talking My sony dcr-dvd108 video uploading

    whenever i want to view a video it just keeps coming up as an audio file or mpeg-2, i want to edit it on windows movie maker but it doesnt support the codec. Can anyone help me out please!

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    Firstly, have you installed any codecs which should have come on a cd with your camcorder (I imagine)?

    Here is an article which might help. I think this is why many try to avoid the dvd recorders, as editing the footage can be a nightmare.

    Editing DVD-camcorder material - Digital Video Club

    If that article does not help, let us know.

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    DVD camcorders are aimed at user's who just want to point, record and playback their movies on a home dvd player. They are not really designed for editing as the format is the weak link in the chain.

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