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Thread: How can I superimpose images?

  1. Default How can I superimpose images?

    Hello helpful people!

    I'd like to superimpose two images in Vegas 4 -- no masking -- just want to bring up a slow dissolve (b and w image) on to of which which I super/hold a color image so they are visible at the same time as a double image. Is there an image transparency setting somewhere?

    Thank you!


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    Not sure about V4 gaia1muse
    But have a look in the Video track header for the Level slider.
    It has the same effect as 'Layer Opacity' in Photoshop

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    Finally figured out the answer to my own question.... So I thought I'd share it. Because the priority of images showing is by track -- If you have two images on two tracks simultaneously -- say track 1 and 2 -- and the level sliders on the track controls are both set to 100% you will only see the image from track 1. However, if you only use the lower number track for images you want to superimpose and set it for about 50% you will end up with a superimposition effect -- where the image from track 1 is up at the same time as the image from track 2 -- both at about 50%. It's quite lovely and a little eerie.

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    Ooh! I'd like to see that? Can you do a screen PREVIEW grab and post here?



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    Hi Grazie -- I've attached two of the shots... one is people walking shot from overhead -- and dx'ed with a cloud -- the second is the city of l.a. also dx'ed with a cloud. I realized what the effect is the same as a slow dissolve frozen somewhere in the middle of the dissolve where the opacity of each shot is frozen at 50% and plays on that way...

    thanks for your reply....
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    That is very beautiful indeed.

    You might also want to try an experiment with Chroma Keying. CK-ing out say the WHITE/Grey areas of cloud. This ways you could actually end up with the image on track 2 staying within the bound areas of the cloud AND as the clouds bubble up and change shape too!

    CK-ing aint just for Superman!!! There is much, much to do with CK-ing.


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