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    I have recently upgraded to a Sony HDD Handycam. My 'old' camcorder was an early Panasonic miniDV tape. I have loads of footage in that format, some from the camera and some cine transfer via VHS. I had to enable the 'Video IN' facility using a Widget (as this was at the time when EEC rules ensured that DV Camcorders could not be used as a recording device). At the time I tested the process out and re-captured some of the tape on to my hard drive. I have finally got round to editing the lot. This is where I have come unstuck. I have Ulead Video Studio 11 and Adobe Premiere 6. and both give identical Fail Flags - 'Either Drivers are not installed or no Device is connected'. Yes the camera is selected to VCR, yes the IEEE1394 cable is firmly connected. Also I didn't think drivers were necessary for putting DV on to the hard drive.
    Would appreciate any advice.

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    Adobe Premiere 6 is going back quite a bit and may not work with modern operating systems. Which OS are you using at present? I'm surprised at hearing the same about Ulead Video Studio 11, I don't use it myself so therefore can't really comment but I'm sure other forum users have used it. What spec is your computer and have you tried downloading trial versions of Adobe Premiere Elements or Adobe Premiere Pro and see if either of them run on your computer.

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