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    Hi there, my brother and I have spent the last 9 months living in a motorhome and living on what would make a shoestring budget look luxurious, working on our latest mountain bike film.

    The market for these films, released on DVD, is very specialised, so I'm not coming on here to advertise, I very much doubt any of you would be even remotely interested, but I would love for you to have a look at our teaser and give some comments.

    All criticism welcome!



    John Parkin
    Orpheus Porductions

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    Well I always feel that Slow motion has a powerful impact when showing a dramatic sequence. Maybe take a clip that has allot going on and slow it down. also as it is a trailer you need to jazz it a bit at the beginning. The slow moving text does not match the level of excitement that the clips themselves produce.

    What editing software do you use?

    This is a Video Game Trailer I made for a Friend (again probably not something your interested in) but it focuses on the the speed of certain clips. I hope my comments have been helpful. You have some great clips with good quality I think that with a little more editing work you will make a Great Trailer. Good luck on the project.

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    Looks cool i want to see more
    We are ready to shock the world

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