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Thread: vegas 8 sound time line problem

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    Default vegas 8 sound time line problem

    Hi, im new to Vegas and having some show stoppers to start with. I have used premiere for a few years doing basic editing and getting along fine.

    I have searched the forum but to no avail could someone please help.

    I got an new AVCHD sony and reckoned vegas was the way to go.

    When I have taken the clips off the camera and onto disk and when i play them in on the camera and through the capture software the sound is fine.

    When I put it into the time line in Vegas 8.0 and space bar to preview - i get a lot of hiss / distortion. the track sound is there in the background but as-is its unusable.

    Appreciate any help.

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    Not heard of this fault, if no luck here try the Sony Vegas newsgroups

    Welcome to the Sony Vegas Portal

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    thanks, the problem has gone away, I started a new project and it was okay. I may have done something daft with the project settings.

    Thanks for your help anyway.

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    I did read last night renaming the file to MP4 helps for some reason

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