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Thread: Synching up soundboard audio with Seperate Video Track

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    Default Synching up soundboard audio with Seperate Video Track

    I am going to film a concert and want to synch the Audio from the soundboard to the video that I will capture. Please help me figure out how to do that



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    What make of camcorder(s) are you going to use? Do they have xlr sockets or just 3.5mm audio sockets? Some more details on the equipment you intend to use would help.

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    3.5 no xlr

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    in the absence of any real info...a simple suggestion would be...capture the video.....then the audio from that will be in sync anyway...although I think what you want to do is:

    film the event on 1 or more cameras and record the audio on a direct feed onto minidisc or some other type of recording device...impot as a wav file onto your time line....lock the video track...and using the audio from that or visually....drag the seperate audio track to the left or right til it matches up....of course make sure you dont stop any cameras recording or the seperate audio becomes a real pain to sync up then....we have sucessfully...and quite easily matched up 4 different camera feeds with a direct FOH feed...worked the very best

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