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Thread: Extremely large Mini DV footage files =S

  1. Default Extremely large Mini DV footage files =S

    I just uploaded about 40 mins of film from my Mini DV camera (about 42 separate clips). The total of all this footage was nearly 8GB!

    Is this right!?
    And has anyone got any tips to help me out, 'cos I don't have a huge amount of Hard Disk space left.

    Thanks for your help/.

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    Yes - that is normal - I just happen to be capturing a few mini dv tapes today - a full tape is 13.7 gig.

    I am afraid there is no way round this onereally - video editing needs lots of drive space. I have about a Tb, 1000 gig of online disc storage and it is filling up fast.

    I am just about to start a new video project making a pop vid and I will probably buy a drive just for that project....

    The only way to save space is by compressing stuff and compromising quality.

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    OK, thanks. If you don't mind me asking, where is this hosting website and how much did it cost you for 1000GB?


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