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    Default Offline media help

    A girlfriend was working on a DVD in my studio on a buddies PC..
    I helped a little with the getting it finished.. I'm new to Vegas..Like a week in.

    i'm an audio engineer not video. But I wanted to load the session into my PC X2 thought it would render faster.

    THe trouble I'm having.. I backed up the first machines session telling it to copy and trim files. I networked the machines and moved the folder over to my mixing machine.

    When I loaded the Vegas session everything opens( even after having to search 2 songs) but there is no video. I see everything else..I see the video edits we did.

    The video is in the project media bin.. but on the timeline says media offline..
    Is there something I can do that will allow the video to load correctly with the edits.

    It looks like the edits are fine.. But of course if I try to move video to the area it's the full size... Why is it loading pics and text and audio but no video?


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    Normally offline means it cannot find it or there is none loaded, try reloading and when it asks where the video is point it in the new place.

    Can you still access it in it original location?

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    Hey, Thanks for the reply.

    Yes.. And when I highlight the file on the time line I can tell it to show the file in the media bay..

    This is the weird thing.. I just found this out a minute ago. I've got this on my mixing rig now....

    I started a new session just to see if I can import the video. Just to see...and sure enough it loads in the audio but no video...I have no idea why.

    If you just go to the folder where these files are and double click.. Windows Media player plays the video and audio just fine...So the file is right it's not messed up from the transfer..

    So video tracks are not muted...What else in Vegas can make this happen? Imports the audio but no video...Really weird...I swear when ever I get a problem in my DAW it's always a good one.

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    Smile available media offline in vegas solved!


    I had the same problem.

    I made my video on my notebook, and
    wanted to render on my desktop pc. When i copied all
    files to the desktop pc what i used, and i opened the project
    the timeline show me that that all media offline.

    First, i put off the pipe"Close media files when not the active application"
    (option/preferences/general/12th bracket)
    but it wont help.

    After that i updated my codec pack, to the newest K-lite full,
    and after the desktop vegas was immediately see the videos
    on the timeline.



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    That would be my best bet , codecs, seems to be a common problem in these forums.

    Can the clips be played form the browser in Media player or something

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