Ok, Im not into video editing but I just want to learn this technique. Iv seen in on you tube.
Basically I want to be able to record myself playing an instrument, say guitar. Then record Over that playing another instrument, say piano. Then same process again but singing, and so on...
So that the whole video shows maybe a division of 4 "me"s playing different instruments at the same time, making it sound like a whole band of "me"s.
I think this is called cloning but Im not sure. Iv read some stuff on it but seems kinda complicated. I also do not have any software so maybe a recommendation would be good of a freeware software.
I'v been dying to be able to make this kinds of videos but I wasnt able to get any help.
Thanks in advance guys,~

PS: maybe if any video editor outhere is interested in helping me out... I could just record separate videos and you could do the editing... you get practice, credits and I get my video...