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Thread: first attempt at a few effects

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    Default first attempt at a few effects

    heh star wars it's quite a trend anyway anybody tell me what you think as i'm quite the newbie and i'd liek to try and finish this dam movie i've been trying to make for months Dr Creek

    And if anyone knows of howto do any other effects like the ones i have done? could you please tell me?? or point me to where i can get them? i'l looking for how to on text mainly with Ulead? i'll post that in another topic anyway! here they are!

    Lightsaber 1

    Lightsaber 2

    Lightsaber 3

    Lightsaber 4

    Lightsaber & Jump Test

    we got bored Test

    Wall Walk

    Jump Test

    Jump Test 2

    Trailer for DR Creek

    Tardis Test

    phew!! thats the lot!

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    I think the blade of your saber should be a bit longer and maybe even a bit thinner, but i'm no jedi

    oh ya, i'm new here too, been looking for a while thought i'd post before work

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    Yep the sabres should be a little longer. Possibly a bit thinner too, however I think what makes them thicker than they really are is the lighting levels. The colours and brightness of the light sabres do not blend in with the movie footage and so have that 'stuck on' look to them.

    I think, if we look back at return of the Jedi, you have the lightsabres justy about right. being light sources themsevles though, they will need to cast light onto the scene - not easy.

    the running around the wall didn't work for me though. You did it the only way possible really (without wires) but sadly it looked to em just like what it was.

    Jedi jumps - pretty cool Again done in the most cost effective way. Practise makes this perfect. Very hard to get just right but some very good attempts. The jumping onto the shoulders gives the game away more than most though

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    heh the wall climb was done while laid on a chair the extra pair of feet are the camera mans!

    anyway i've taken into account what people have been saying and i have invested in a tripod (15 ebay! ) and all those were filmed with a 320 x 288 webcam and i now have persmisson from daddy to use the handycam :twisted: heh heh heh DV here i come!

    it's very low budget coz im still a student at college and i'm just having a mess

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    Default good stuff

    anyone picking on you for sharing this stuff with us all doesn't get it! What software did you use to add the lightsaber effects? Frame by frame I am guessing?

    I know this is a REALLY rookie question but I would love to know


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    These links should contain everything (and a bit more) that you'll ever need to know. It's all about knowing how to ask the right questions

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    That is exactly what I was looking for - youi have opened my eyes! Darn it all I wish I went to school for this stuff instead!

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