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Thread: New entry: "The Good Life is"

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    Thumbs up New entry: "The Good Life is"

    Another summer has passed and I have made a video that discribes what "Good Life" is for my mind. So to see what I thought when I heard the name of this competition check out my video.

    The title of the competition "La Dolce Vita" (The Good Life)

    The title of my entry: "The Good Life is"

    Download here: - free file hosting
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    UPDATE: The new final version of the movie as of 08:59 PM is uploaded now.

    The first version from
    08:13 PM is swaped with the new one.

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    To see my great video do this:

    1. Click this link: - free file hosting
    2. Scroll down on the page and click the green "Free Download button.
    3. Scroll down and enter the code you see.
    4. Click: the green "Begin Download"
    5. Thats it! =)

    Comment please what you think of the video.
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