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    Hello! My first post.

    I recorded a bunch of small movies (5MB - 30 MB) with my Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Res. is 320-240, 30fps, Quicktime format (Mov.). I want to convert that to mpeg, or avi. When I convert it to avi or mpeg, screen is blinking white, not all the time but enough often. I'm using "Mov to Avi, mpeg, wmv converter". I tried some other programs too but same thing. Any recommendations what software too use?

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    'super c' is my top free convertor - best at any price imho. There again you rpobably knew I was going to say that....

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    What do you intend doing with the movies if you can successfully convert them to either mpeg or avi?

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    I intend to connect them into one file, one movie, add some music, maybe cut some things out and record that to DVD or CD. After some while I intend to convert that movie ti WMV and split it, so I can put it on YouTube.

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    When I use Open Video Joiner to join files, I put some effects like fade, output file is huge! Why? Any better Video Joiner with effects?

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