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Thread: Render Settings For Vegas & Architect

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    Default Render Settings For Vegas & Architect

    Hi guys,

    Trying to render a 100min video into NTSC and PAL DVD's. Originally rendered to MPEG-2 but file size was too large for a DVD. Using the optimize button in Architect wouldn't let me reduce the bit rate by much and makes very little difference to file size.

    Is there any way to change the bit rate in Vegas - can't find it under properties or 'render as' menu - or am I missing something in Architect?

    Tried rendering as AVI and then changing the bit rate in Architect (using fit to disc). This worked ok in NTSC (although quality isn't great - especially of still images created in photoshop) but in PAL, text and graphics flicker noticeably (I presume interlace flicker?)

    If I can render to MPEG-2, do I use the template 'DVD Architect NTSC video stream' as opposed to 'NTSC video stream'?

    If I continue using AVI I have couple of quick Q's...

    - Should I use good or best for rendering quality?
    - Should field order be upper field first?
    - Can I ignore deinterlace method (defaulted to blend fields)?
    - Can I also ignore interleave (defaulted to 0.250)

    Really appreciate any help you can give.
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    I could really use some help with any of these questions... anyone?


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    when you go into render there is a custom setting and you can alter bits there, remember to give it a new name and save so it is available next time.

    I suggest you use MPEG with NO audio and VBR (variable bit rate) and then use the AC3 audio as this will save space on the disk compared to the PCM in the settings supplied.

    Highlight about 10 minutes of footage and then render to MPEG , see what size it is and then multiply by 6 to get an an idea of the size for an hours video, this will help in getting your
    settings tuned.

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    Look here I have set up lots of links to Vegas users Welcome to the Sony Vegas Portal
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