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Thread: Transferring footage from cam to laptop

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    Default Transferring footage from cam to laptop

    Hi I am new to this game. I have a Panasonic NV-GS55 mini-DV cam and want to do some editing. I downloaded the software included with the cam but it only allows me to transfer stills from cam to my Dell D610 laptop, however I want to edit moving footage with sound on my laptop.

    What do I need to do this, additional software, cables etc?

    Any help will be greatly appreciaited.

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    Finding the software that supports your camcorder is important. I would call any software companies you are thinking about buying Tech. support or Sales and verify that it will work with your camcorders file system.

    I am using a very limited Corel Ulead software package that came with my new Canon HG10 and it allows snipping my movie files and stiching them togather. But finding a more powerful program has not worked out.

    Good Luck

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    What about Windows Movie Maker 2? Or you could download a 30 day trial of any of the software mentioned on this forum, from the likes of Sony, Adobe, Pinnacle etc. Just do a Google for the name and go to the respective website download pages. Have both of you got Firewire connections on your laptops or is it just USB 2? If you've only got USB 2, then it won't cut it when it comes to video capturing/editing.

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