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    I think I just saw the sickest nude scene in the history of cinema. A girl hanging from the roof naked and another lady, lying beneath her, also naked, bleeding the hanging girl with a scythe. I didn't see Hostel 2 yet, but stumbled upon this site and beside its having the trailer for the DVD release, there's also clips from the film, like the one I described. These maybe the sickest scenes ever.
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    its not sick, its not scary, the word you are looking for is shit.
    action camera lights

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    being totally impartial, do you really think that the trailer is not sick? I'm not saying it's scary, it's just pure gore.

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    well, after a longer thought, i do think that it is kind of scary. i mean being in the kids' place. plus, the whole idea being realistic is a bit disturbing.
    what do you think about the trailer though?
    the last scene, with the guy's penis ripped off... i don't think any1 can watch it with a straight face.

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