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Thread: What is the best way for Capturing video?

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    Default What is the best way for Capturing video?

    Im having problems capturing video from my MiniDV to my PC. What is the best way to do it? USB, FIREWIRE, S-VIDEO. How do you guys capture your video? Right now Im using the firewire but I dont think looks very good. I dont know if my camara needs a head clean or is the bad quality of a firewire. I get some small lines across part of my screen that can be barely seen.

    Some help please which one is better and why?

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    Yes, you are using the best method of capturing your videos. When you have a Mini DV camcorder then you have to use Firewire to give the best results. I don't know why you are getting lines, it might be dirty heads on the camcorder at the time of shooting, and if that is the case they are there for good. Are lines appearing on all your recordings? Could you post a screen grab next time so we can look at it and get a better idea. If you have a spare cable then try that but usually if you buy your cables from a reputable source then they shouldn't give any problems.

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