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Thread: Huffyuv problems

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    Default Huffyuv problems

    Hi people... Ever since I started using Premiere Pro, i've not been able to import Huffyuv files properly. I upgraded from huffyuv 2.1.1 to 2.2 and this hasn't solved the problem. Basically, when I import it, the display is either blank, or the colours are distorted in a lovely psychedelic pattern.

    Suggestions anyone? I don't like working in lossy compression, and working in RAW has chewed up my hard drive space (just bought a new 160GB HD, and there's only 15GB free after one project )

    Still works in Premiere 6 though.

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    AVI DV works for me
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    I'm sorry if this seems like an obvious question, bu if i'm exporting stuff from Virtual DUb, what compression thing should I be expecting to use for that?

    I've had a look around, and I get easily confused

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    First off, download the panasonic DV codec. It should then come up as an option!
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    Ah right, I didn't know that was lossless.


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    Excellent, it's looking great.

    Was concerned first of all, because for some reason windows media players is playing it half size (no, nothign to do with the zoom :-P) but opening it in anything else works fine. Thanks, you've saved me a shedload of HD space

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    Well, it's not lossless, but it's nice to edit with.
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    Well, seeing as the video output is going on the web as DivX and MPEG anyway, that probably doesn't matter. Plus we're not exactly using expensive equipment.

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