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Thread: Wedding video all gone wrong

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    Unhappy Wedding video all gone wrong


    Can anyone please help? I have just got my wedding video back from my videographer, who has unfortunately done a very bad job. There are some scenes where by the background music is overiding certain speeches and should not be there. Is there any software out there that will allow me to remove or filter out the background music?

    Many thanks for taking time to read this.

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    If you are not happy I would ask the person who did the vid to re edit it properly.
    Some things may be a matter of taste but you are the customer, it's your wedding and if you are not happy such a small change should be part of the service offered.

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    Hi Mark

    I tried telling him and unfortunately, he is not budging. Hence, why I prefer to do it myself ...considering I am planning to start my new hobbie on video editing. I presume there is no way of me seperationg the speech with the background music using the original dvd supplied?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

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    I would ask for all the original recordings from the guy then you can really do as you please. Seperating vocals
    rarely, if ever, works.

    I hope he was cheap....

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    There are some scenes where by the background music is overiding certain speeches and should not be there
    Hi BMW8,

    When you say this, what kind of speech is it overriding. Sometimes videographers overlay the talking segments with music because of the crowd noise around which might make the vocals inaudible. This is not uncommon practice in wedding films! I trust its not the speeches!

    Has he generally edited the film well despite this, or are you unhappy with the overall film?

    I can see where you are both coming from. Why not try negotiating the cost for the master dv tapes. As Mark said you can then edit how you wish, although he may charge a large premium for this, thats if he is prepared to part with them.

    When you book a videographer, I trust you see there work before choosing them. Every videographer is different and has his own filming, editing style, and you choose once viewing there work.

    We all have to make creative choices in editing, and I would imagine he would probably would have said it was an editing decision based on the material he had.

    The other side is it could have been poor. Without seeing what you mean its difficult to tell! If you have means of getting the clip on the web, why not pm me the link.

    Kind Regards.

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    Red face

    Thanks both for responding.

    I'll see if I can get the raw footage from him first. If that fails I may have to seek your advice GDR. I just hope he does not charge me too much. We initially did see his work before we seleted him and he appeard to be o.k as...he was recommended by a friend. I suspect that the quality of his work has gone down hill since the volume of his work has increase alot and I expect he is not committing as much time as he should to the video. So that I get a good idea and not get ripped off, how much does one normally charge for a complete 1 day raw footage?

    Again, thanks so much for all your help and advice. This is my first time using such forum and I find this is an excellent site.

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    First post for me but this one irked me...

    Did you sign any kind of contract with him at all? I'm a very enthusiastic semi-pro and even when I do a (very rare) freebie for friends, I tend to get them to sign a contract just to cover my back...

    As was said by Mark W - "you are the customer, it's your wedding". The number one mantra for anyone in this line of work surely? I would say 90% of my work is word of mouth and I would be horrified if I had a complaint like that!

    If he won't release the masters to you, ask him how much it would be to just run off all the uneditied footage on to DVD for you - not ideal but at least then you can have a go at re-editing it for yourself...

    By the way, I'm speaking as someone who films weddings as well as having just booked a videographer for my own wedding next year...

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    What kind of speeches is it overiding? Is someone visibly talking directly to the camera! or is it just a crowd scene?

    Are you unhappy with other aspects of the video, and is this one example of a larger sum?

    If you want to p.m. me the video company, you are welcome, and if you are able to upload a clip etc for us to see that would also help.

    I think without seeing what you are saying, its actually difficult to judge how bad this is. I still think at the very least they should provide you with the raw material for you to edit, or get someone else to re-edit, although like I said before there will always most definately be a premium for this.

    P.M. me if you need any further help.


    John De Rienzo

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    A difficult one as an editor you have to make decisions as you go along. You do your best but the whole process is live and is normally uncontrollable. Having said that a good seasoned Videographer should now the ropes and be able to make the best of the situation that arises.

    I do talk to the client about re-work before the booking so they know where they stand, any errors I will fix FOC, anything subjective is not normally done as it is subjective and if i have made something red and you like blue, sorry, if there is something that is embarrassing then I will look at it.
    The fix, does not normally take that long, but its that dam 5-7 hour render, re-authoring the DVD and burning and printing a new disk that takes the time.

    I tend not to use music during the photo session in my weddings apart from the titles at start/end, montage in the middle and the high-lights at the end, mainly because I like to make the wedding interesting so it does not require that music to make it more appeasing.

    As for how much for the master, your guess is good as anyone's, all depends on what he/she thinks they are worth.

    Good luck and do keep us informed.
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    Hi Folks

    I have great news. The videographer has come back to me and is happy to realease the raw data free of charge, so I'm collecting it tommorow. Hopefully, I can then start to do my own video editing and take this hobby more serious. Thank you so much to all for taking time to read and offer such good advice. I am sure at some stage, when I get stuck with Adobe pro 2 that I may need to seek your help once again. Hopefully at the end of it all I can contribute a little more to the forum.


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