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Thread: is there a program that will allow me to cut a video in two without having to reencod

  1. Default is there a program that will allow me to cut a video in two without having to reencod

    is there a program that will allow me to cut a video in two and save each section as its own clip, without having to reencode each one ( and loosing more quality by re encoding )

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    Any editing software should do that,just drag the whole video into the timeline,split it were you want,half and half if you want,delete everything to the right of the new split,now you're left with just half,save that as a project,just save don't render,now do it all again but delete left of new split,(make sure you split in same place as first time),now you got 2nd half left in timeline,now just save that.Now you should have the original still in 1 piece and 2 seperate new halves.

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    thank you Paul,

    what i am trying to do its end up with two separated mpg files. since the main clip is already enconded as mpeg-2. I was wondering if by cutting a section of it, and rending/creating/ a whole new clip, then quality then furthermore decrease.

    so I was thinking if is posible to simple cut a clip... without having a whole mathematical reencoding of a already encoded clip.

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    A program called will wll alow that I, think, I know it allows mPEG 2 edits with no re-render.

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    what is the name of this program ? I am not sure i can tell by your message

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    Do what i said,re splitting the clips but don't render the 2 halves just "save" them,for example if you're using vegas don't select "render as" but from the same drop down list select "save as",then a window opens up asking you where you want to save it and what you want to call this new clip,so just call it "1st half" and then click on save,that's it done,no rendering done.
    What editing program are you using ?

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    PK, your suggestion does NOT save two files. It saves a veg file - effectively Sony's edit list. It contains details of the ORIGINAL media (the mpg) mpg and in and out points for the "clip" you've saved.
    Try it.
    Open Vegas
    Import a file wombat.mpg
    Split it and delete the second hald
    Go "Save As" and save it as wombata
    Now search your hard drive for files beginning "wombata"
    You won't find a wombata.mpg but you will find a very small file called wombata.veg (or wombata.vf if using Studio). This file is not an mpeg and will only be recognised by Vegas.
    To prove the point further, delete te original "wombat.mpg", try to open wombata.veg (or .vf) and Vegas will complain about missing media.

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    Ah yes i see what you mean,so effectivley it'll be saving 2 "projects" which i could come back and work on at a later date,understood,thanks TimStannard.

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    yap and what I need is to endup with two different mpg files

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