Hey guys. Okay, so I'm relatively new to video editing, and I've just used Windows Move Maker and a few other splitting-joining softwares and such like, but they just don't cut it anymore.

What I'm actually looking for is this:
Say I have a 700MB/1.2hour video which is DivX encoded. Say I go to 42min, and split the video, and then again I go to 50min and split it again. And then I "stitch" the two together, thereby removing the 8min in between which I didn't want. Windows Movie Maker could do this, but when it saved the new movie, the quality was very bad. And even at 700+kbps bitrate, the quality was worse than the original movie and the size was very huge.

I want a software which can reEncode the new file in the exact same format as the original, without loss of quality...

Any ideas?