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Thread: Washed out video

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    Default Washed out video

    On my one laptop computer my video made in Premiere Pro 1.5 looks good within the program and also looks good after rendered and played in Windows Media Player.

    However, in my other laptop although the video still looks good in Premiere but it looks washed out in Windows Media Player, Realplayer....

    Initially in 1.5 I used the Adobe Encoder and Windows Media 8 for Broadband NTSC 700kbps. I tried to compress it other ways but it still looks washed out on my other computer.

    All other videos and DVDs look good/not washed out on my both computer.

    Any ideas on a way to correct it?

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    The problem was specific to that particular laptop and seeming to happen when I used some other video player beforehand.

    Here's the movie:

    Edited in Premiere 1.5.

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