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Thread: Unable to render full size video

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    Default Unable to render full size video

    Hi there.

    I literally started using Sony Vegas 6.0 yesterday, because I need to update a small promotion video (2 min.) for our new website.

    The trouble I am having is that no matter what rendering file format or page property settings I use, the final video never comes out in full screen, but rather in a smaller, centered on a black background type of form.

    Unfortunately, this is no longer acceptable as the new design of our website requires a full-screen showing of the video without some background above and below the actual video. I know that this is possible and most likely not even hard to do.

    Before rendering the video, I have selected “stretch video to fill output frame size”, but again, with no luck. Other than that, I followed the recommended settings for posting videos on UTube.

    Please someone throw me a bone here. I’m going nuts over this.

    Any help and ideas would be tremendously appreciated.

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    What format are you rendering to?
    How are you embedding the video on the web page?
    Can you play the vids full screen in windows media player directly from your pc, not online ?

    Hard to help without some more info.

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