I have recently moved to a JVC Everio HD camcorder, but one problem, which is presumably the software (Cyberlink Power Cinema) not the camera, is that I can only burn one batch of scenes to a DVD and cannot add new scenes beyond the maxiumum allowed of 50. When I leave the same disc in, I am asked if I wish to erase the existing data.
As many 'domestic and holiday' scenes are only 10-20 seconds each, this means that a 50 batch uses only a small part of a disc, which is both wasteful and a nuisance in that one has to keep changing discs when playing back.
Is there any way of filling more of a 4.7 Gig disc from the Everio? My last foreign holiday produced 400 short scenes and it's a sweat copying all those in small batches and then juggling a handful of discs.