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    Hi all,

    Im after some advice, im about to undertake my psychology dissertation on the mere exposure effects in preference for brand logos.

    What I would like to do is take some footage of say top 10 football goals and then import new brand logos onto the advertising boards in the background.

    As ive not done any video editing before I would like to know whether this is possible? How difficuilt it would be? How to go about this?

    Any advice appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    What s/w do you have to do this in?

    gnerally though, it's not so much hard to do but it will likely take a lot of time and you may have certain difficulties.

    What you need to do is tracke the four corners of each individual banner and then apply that data to yoru new graphic. Easy enougfh to do in Adobe After Effects (my FX app oif choice). However, if a player moves in front of the banner being replaced though then you job just got really difficult. The player migth obscure one of your trackingpoints (i.e. on of the corners) in which case you will have a nasty job of doing the track. If the player does go in front of the banner though, then when you place the new banner on it will be in front of the player so you willneed to mask him out frame by painstaking frame.

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    i concur with allan mills, though if the banner is on an angle u could turn on the 3d effect for the image so u could rotate so it fits in better and just build a mask around it, but it sure would be a pain the the poop hole if a player ran past, then u will require a lot of pateince

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    Thanks for the advice. I was hoping to use Adobe Premiere 2.0.

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    Where do you intend to get the top 10 football goals? The only way I can think of is if you 'borrow' them from tv. Do you have access to these recordings or what kind of setup are you planning to use?

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