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Thread: Workflow in Premiere Pro and After Effects?

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    Default Workflow in Premiere Pro and After Effects?

    Hey all - does anyone have any advice regarding the order of workflow between Premiere and After Effects?

    For example: I'm going to use image stabilization and some advanced title effects for my final movie, and I know I'll want to use After Effects for that. Should I put together my movie in Premiere, export and do all that work in After Effects afterwards? Or, should I attempt to edit my footage for special effects and stabilizing prior to putting it all together in Premiere?

    I've been told that After Effects should be used second - but then, I'd end up finalizing the movie in Premiere anyways (for example, to add a consistent music track after all effects and things have been added).

    I hope this question makes sense - I realize I've been kinda vague, but surely someone has advice!


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    Might seem a strange thing to say bnut yoru best workflow between these two apps will depend entirely on how you purchased them. If you bougth them as part of Production Studio then use the dynamic link feature and you're well away. If not then...

    think of after effects as an app to add special effects. I guess the clue is in the name right? As such you only want the footage in Aftre effects that you actually need. So I would...

    Edit you main timeline together in Premiere. Export any small segments that need treatment in AE but only as much as is needed. Start a new AE project and import the exported clip and 'treat' it in AE. Export out to a lossless format. Import that as an asset back into your Premier Pro project and replace the exported segment with the new treated one.

    having said all that though about keep the mocie clips in AE only as big as you need to make them there is one thing to consider though. AE is way way better than Premiere at colour treatments and balancing so having exported your entire movie from Premiere Pro you might then runthe whole thing through AE just to give it that Matrix style green tint.

    Hope this helps.

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