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Thread: My Entry for "La Dolce Vita/The Good Life".

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    Default My Entry for "La Dolce Vita/The Good Life".

    (186MB File-size)

    Almost everyone who has seen my cats has said that they would love to be a cat like them, as they have such a relaxing, fun, easy time. So that's why I filmed them for my "The Good Life" video entry.

    The video gets better towards the end.

    Hope you like it.

    (I have 1GB Daily Bandwidth on that upload site, I don't know if that affects how many downloads can be done daily or not, but just thought I'd mention it incase anyone has problems/difficulty downloading it).
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    186 mb is huge - many people will not watch it cos of the long d load needed - so cos I am nice I have taken the liberty of producing a compressed version. - 25meg, streams.

    If you are in any way not happy about this I will remove it.

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    Very nice. I like the title at the end made out of stills.

    You might wanna color correct some of the clips, though. They're 'cold'. Correct 'em to warmer colors. But, was well done. Crystal clear and great sharpness!

    And thanks, Mark, for making the file size smaller. That saved me a buncha time!

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    I didn't know if it would take a long time (with new faster broadband speeds), as I still have an old telewest modem, through usb1.1 on this PC.

    Thanks for the smaller version. Enabling more people to view it.

    The only possible problems would be the colours, and the end fade-out being cut.

    I originally made a wmv of the video (which was an mpeg-2 when video captured), in the wmv the colours became washed out & the contrast decreased. So I chose mpeg-2 for the upload.

    So I'll compare the 2 as screenshots & see what the filesize is for a reduced bitrate mpeg2. Then try zipping it to make it quicker to download.

    The white looking scenes were filmed with cold weather, but if what you mean is saturation then the mpeg-2 that I'll upload soon should fix that. (As above, when I made a wmv of the mpeg it became almost grey in comparison).

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