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Thread: Award Winning Film

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    Default Award Winning Film

    Hey, its been a while since i have posted here but i have kept up to date with the latest posts. A while back i posted heaps of after effects clips I made and everyone seemed to like them, so....

    After 5 horrific months of coming up with idea, planning, filming and many weeks editing I have finished my short movie which was shown at the movie awards night at my school and competed against 9 others, and in front of a crowded of 100+ I am proud to say I won the best picture award and in 2 weeks it will be shown to the whole school (1600) people

    So here it is for you to enjoy (it had been up for longer but youtube deleted my account)

    YouTube - Trevor Presents " IC:ME - The Movie"

    comments are most welcomed and I can answer all questions coz on the night a lot of strangers asked me many questions.

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    just another note to add,

    In about 3 weeks I will commence working on a zombie/infected movie which once again will edited using sony vegas and after effects

    My brother will play the main character and I will play the zombie, and lets just say it will require a lot more editing by using motion tracker and green screen, I have a bad memory so i have made drafts of how the shots will work including 2 main ones where I get stabbed with a machete (yes a machete again) and u see it coming out of me, so it should be sweet.

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    Holy smokes! You have a career ahead of you! Get yourself into UCLA or some other film school, just so you can meet the right people! This is great stuff, much better than the rest of the pack! I am totally impressed! Very good for anybody, regardless of their age! And you being only 17, it's just plain exceptional!

    Ten thumbs up!

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    Thats a really good movie. Very well edited. The only thing I could see that you could improve is that the audio didn't mesh together to well. As it switched to a new view in the camera, you could hear the audio change instantly as well. They should be faded a bit more. The sound quality of the sound effects also weren't that high quality. I don't know whether thats youtube or what, but they sounded a bit grainy. Also, if you wanted to, I think it would look really cool if you added a bit more dramatic color correction on the footage. It would look much more dramatic and interesting.

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    haha thanks, i dont know what ULCA is but i will look into it.

    Sound is a tricky factor to change for me, being more of a visualist, Though the music was a bit off because of youtube, When editing the main thing I wanted to do first was the FX and worry about music last, which is why it was all heaped on at the last minute.

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    UCLA is University of California at Los Angeles. There's also USC (University of Southern California). These are the major film schools in the US, and they're close to Hollywood. It's who ya know that counts. People = connections = funding. Movie making takes money! If you get around these people, you're more likely to find the cash becasue they'll know who and how talented you are.

    I wouldn't have known about the music being 'heaped on'. It doesn't look that way to me. Keep quiet and nobody will know the difference!

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    wow, well i think it may be a bit hard for me to get there when im in Melbourne, i was kinda hoping to get into uni round here.

    But yea, it would be great to go to america and try and get some kind on training there, to show how good i am I was looking to send my movie to a few people in America but its hard to find the right people.

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    I agree with others on the colour correction. It definitely has a lot of potential in it, and is a great start; however, there are some flaws.

    Some of the shots just don't look good and look awkward when they cut. Making you subconsciously and consciously think about it and really distract from the video. Even from a layman's POV.

    Good work and good luck in the future.
    taking impossibility to a whole new level

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    A lot of people have commented on the colour correction so for arguments sake im going to edit it again and apply it just to see if it will make a difference.

    and out of curiousity which shots didnt look good? i personally can think of a few but im curious to know the ones that you thought off.

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    If you'd like I can rewatch it few times it and give you my full feedback (with reference to the time of each shot etc)

    Or.. do you have MSN?
    taking impossibility to a whole new level

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