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Thread: Starting Live Gig Videography Business (London)

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    Default Starting Live Gig Videography Business (London)


    I'm a film graduate who is making tentative steps towards forming a business filming and editing live music gigs in the London area.

    I have a little experience, but am looking for a 'partner in crime' , preferably with their own HDV camera to join me in this venture. Obviously, initial work will involve a low-level of pay but experience and a showreel will grow.

    If there is anyone who has a passion, like me for filming and editing gigs please message me so we can have a chat.

    Additionally, if anyone has any pointers or advice on pitfalls to avoid etc, i would love to hear from you.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Yeah i'll help

    I'll give you hand filming if you're ever filming in or around Bristol,i should be getting a sony xdcam ex and a load of other kit in the new year.I'm trying to get into event videography also.Otherwise good luck with your business.

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    Any gig's you plan to do make sure you get everything in writing, if that means having to draw up a contract, so you will get paid either at the end of the night or when a finished dvd is delivered, then do it. Always cover your back! When I first started out in graphic design I got my fingers burnt and tried to get a solictor after a company who didn't like paying their bills, we failed as they went bankrupt; so I got some good advice from that particular solicitor and maybe you might want to do the same thing, even if it is just getting general info on how not to be taken for a mug. Also look into insurance, you don't want someone tripping over an electrical cable or tripod and them injuring themselves... and you being taken to the small claims court... and having your name in all the local newspapers, for all the wrong reasons.

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    From my experience, you will always find bands that want a good looking film of them performing, especially if you can get it looking as good as possible for use on their My Space page. The problem that I have run into on a number of occasions is the venues. A lot of the big venues in London don't like people filming gigs unless they are going to be making a little something extra out of it.

    Places like the Jazz Cafe and the Astoria will happily pluck a figure out of thin air and it's usually pretty high! Make sure that if the band has agreed to you filming them and you've drawn up the contract, that it clearly states who is going to cover any fees asked for by the venue. I've turned up at a few gigs only to be turned away by the management...

    Another good thing to try is to be exceptionally nice to the staff at the venue - this can sometimes gain you access to "off-limits" parts of the venue such as balcony area's if you're lucky...

    Sound wise, always see if the band can get a copy of the sound from the desk - most sound engineers will be able to make a copy of the gig in some way, even if it's a tape that you end up having to do a bit of cleaning on. It will help when you have to cut out drunk fans shouting at the camera after a few beers

    Good luck with the business and feel free to PM me if I can be of any help...
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    Hi there! Just starting to do the same thing in Brighton. I'm posting a new thread 'Advice please on filming live concerts' and need to talk to as many like-minded people before spending money on kit. From Nigel :=)

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    If you insist on shooting in hdv make sure the particular camera you are going to use is ok in low light.

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