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Thread: Good insurance provider for equipment

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    Default Good insurance provider for equipment

    Hi,i'm looking at getting some new gear soon,cam,tripod,mics etc,can anyone recommend an insurance company for this sort of stuff and what sort of money do they charge to insure about 8000 worth of gear,i'm guessing my home insurance won't want to cover this sort of thing.
    p.s. i hope i've posted in the correct place.

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    I have my stuff insured with a company called 'Pavilion' - a 'photoguard policy'.

    Thier policys are designed for non professionals and semi professionals and it seemed like a good deal to me.

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    Hi MarkW,thanks for the reply,i'll have a look at them then,i presume they've got a website.What sort of monthly or yearly premium do you pay ? For how much worth of kit ?
    PS i see you're from Bristol,same as me,doyou do videography as a business ? I want to try and do videography and my own editing as a part-time job,hopefully gonna get an xdcam ex soon, if you need some free help in exchange for showing me the ropes then that'd be great.Thanks,Paul.

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