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    Hello everyone, I am about to purchase my very first camcorder and I need help obviously. The main purpose for my camcorder use will be shooting in very low light environment. I record shows for my friend's band at bars and night clubs and such to give you an idea of what I mean by very low light. I will also need something that has a good audio recording feature. I've noticed that in environments where there is fog from like a fog machine, the lens on my digital camera gets foggy and I can not take pictures or record video due to the fog, is this true with camcorders as well? or is there a feature I should be looking for that accomodates such environments. This will be my first camcorder for it doesn't have to be too fancy and I'm looking to spend no more than $500
    Any suggestions from you all will be very appreciated. thanks for reading!! =)

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    I can't help you with a camera choice, but I can tell you about the fog. It is made of heated glycerin (basically oil). It will coat anything that is close. That includes all lenses. The only way to keep it off the lens is to keep the lens out of the fog. That mean in another room. The only option is to keep cleaning the lens.
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