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Thread: Sony (Fony) Vaio and DCR-DVD755

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    Default Sony (Fony) Vaio and DCR-DVD755

    So what to say I have money to burn, because I overplayed two peace of equipment Vaio VGN FE25GP computer and DCR-DVD755 camcorder. The reasoning was that I buy the product from the same company and that this products work together, what a LIE!!!. So after filming my kids birth I came home and wanted to edit the movie and guess what It shows split screen of that and some previous footage that I recorded. Lucky if I stick the mini DVD-RW on which I record in to the DVD player at home I see a normal movie, no split screen???!!!
    So what is going on
    For editing I am using Premiere Elements2 one of the least friendly peace of software i'v seen so far.
    So here is the question :
    How to get rid of the split screen when loading the file (VOB,mpeg,AVI tryed all) in the PE2 and how can I choose the length and the type of the file recoded?
    Or should I just sell the Fony products and buy dell and Cannon?

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    Most people here wouldn't recomend a dvd camera because of all the issues in importing/converting the footage, and also the lower quality of it.

    Sony make good laptops, but there cameras always seem to be riddled with compatibility and format issues to make you buy there hardware and software add ons.

    I'd say stick with the Vaio, just change the camera. (stay away from DVD cameras)

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    Then what camera?

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    That's down to you my friend,

    It all depends on what you want to do with it? a canon mv900 or a sony Z1?

    completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but either will be much better to edit from than a dvd camera. It's all down to your budget and style of use.

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    If you want to get into editing then go for Mini DV and what model you go for as MOSH says will be down to your budget.

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