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Thread: How to remove grey spot on lens of camera?

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    Default How to remove grey spot on lens of camera?

    I have some shots which have been taken with a grey spot on the lens of the camera. This spot is on all clips on exactly the same place. I cannot make new shots with the camera. Is there a way to remove this spot totally or partially?

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    You'd have to do it frame by frame and clone that part of the image covered by the spots with an area adjacent to it.

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your reaction. So I there is no trick to remove a certain color in a fixed area in several frames? And there is no other programme which can do this (After Effects) ?

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    Well, if it doesn't mask the image, just make it a different colour, I guess you could play around with the colour balance of that area. Thing is, it's probably going to need different adjustments for different lighting environments. So even if you did fix up a mask for the area, you'd still probably have to do it manually.

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