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    In Ďmy documentsí on my PC, when I hover my mouse over the icon, which shows the footage Iíve rendered from DV to AVI, it shows that its 1536 kps. Is there any way I can increase this?

    Using SVMS6 Platinum Edition.

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    Why do you wish to increase it? Yes, in your software change the output settings to higher values and that will make the file size bigger.

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    Thanks for you repley.

    I wish to change it to increase quality.
    How do i change it in the software output?


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    It is unlikely that you will improve the quality of the dv file by using a higher bit rate - I suspect the video will look the same but may be more fussy about what it plays on.

    The earliest stages of production are the most important to maintain quality. Examining the technical rather than the artistic considerations of this the quality of the camera and how well the original footage is shot are THE most important factors in determining quality. You cannot get back, or invent information that didnt exist in the original.

    If the original is from a DV camera then there is no point in rendering to a higher bit rate / res, the quality cannot be improved this way - but the file size can be increased.

    So if you are using dv - capture in dv, edit on the dv files, render to dv. If you have a hdv camera, same thing but all hdv.

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