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    Default laser effect

    is there an easy way?
    iv added the effect to the clip , positions the laser then i split the clip , move on 1 frame adjust the laser , move on a frame adjust the laser and so on ....
    this is very time consuming......
    is there an easy quick way ??
    many thanks

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    Setting Key frames is about the only was, I assume your setting key frames.

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    Are you putting laser effects in directly from Pinnacle?

    On most Pinnacle effects, there's a checkbox you can tick to "use keyframes".

    you can add or delete keyframes to your footage. On the effects settings, you can select which keyframe you want to modify the settings for, and Pinncle will move the effect - in this case the laser - between each keyframe. So say you've got one keyframe that has a laser at the top of the screen, and one keyframe later with the laser at the bottom of the screen. Pinnacle will fill in the blank frames the best it can, and will make the laser move from the top location to the bottom location in between those keyframes.

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