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Thread: My first REAL video!

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    Smile My first REAL video!

    By real, I mean made with a bona-fide video editor.

    I'm usng Pinnacle Studio 11. Learing it was not easy. I had difficulty with blurring, but got that solved with a utility from Pinnacle called TRex. Then there's buggy things about Studio 11 -- it likes things done in a certain order.

    This is a roller coaster. It was built in a game called Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. The video was captured using Fraps 2.9.2. The original is much better quality than whats shown on YouTube. I guess they remake the video to improve bandwidth consumption. The one I have on disk has better video and MUCH better sound quality. But this will have to do:

    It's the only way I know to get it out there.

    The coaster took me 9 hours to build just the track alone. It was timed to the music using loudspeakers that you can build into your theme park. It had to grow a little at a time, waiting for the car to come around. At the end of the ride, the wait for the car is longer and longer. When it was finished, I built the mountain around it (another 3-4 hours), and turned off the loudspeakers. The mp3 is imported directly into the video with Pinnacle, giving me better control over the volume and stereo balance.

    The video took over 16 hours. Most of this was due to not knowing the software, and problems getting the video sharper. Originally, it was terribly blurred, but thanks to a utility from Pinnacle, I got that cleaned up.

    All in all, I guess I have about 24 hours into it, plus another 8 just learning and finding out how Pinnacle Studio works.

    Please comment. Tell me it's great! It was a LOT of work, but hey, it's quite rewarding to be successful. Video making is most cool!

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    Fun to watch, good work!

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